Beginner Coral Pack – Mixed 3


This beginner coral pack is Cut To Order, not WYSIWYG.

This beginner pack is perfect for someone starting a new tank and wanting to get a variety of coral types.

The ORA Green Birdsnest does require a little more established tank but is a good beginner SPS coral. Make sure you check out our Beginner Coral Care Guide to make sure your tank is ready for your new corals!

What is included

1- Kryptonite Candy Cane

Frags will be 1-2 heads

Lighting Requirements: Low
Flow Requirements: Low

1- ORA Green Birdsnest

Frags will be approx 1″

Lighting Requirements: Medium
Flow Requirements: Medium

1- John Deer Leptastrea

Frags will be  approx 3/4-1″

Lighting Requirements: Low
Flow Requirements: Medium

1 – Purple Monster Zoanthid

Frags will have 2-3 polyps

Lighting Requirements: Low-Medium
Flow Requirements: Low-Medium

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