Beginner Coral Pack – Mixed 1


This beginner coral pack is Cut To Order, not WYSIWYG.

This beginner pack is perfect for someone starting a new tank and wanting to get a variety of coral types. Make sure you check out our Beginner Coral Care Guide to make sure your tank is ready for your new corals!

What is included

1- Meteor Shower

Frags will be 3/4″-1″

Lighting Requirements: Low

Flow Requirements: Low

1- Orange Spiny Gorgonian

Frags are approx 3″ to 6″

Lighting Requirements: Medium-High

Flow Requirements: Medium-High

1-St. Thomas Mushroom

Frags are approx 1″

Lighting Requirements: Medium

Flow Requirements: Low

1 – Scrambled Eggs Zoanthid 

Frags will have 3-4 polyps

Lighting Requirements: Low-Medium

Flow Requirements: Low-Medium

Learning to keep coral alive can be hard at first. Make sure you check out our Beginner Coral Care guide that gives you all of the tips and tricks you need to get started!

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