Monti Pack – Cut To Order


Select 5 frags from the following:

1. Jedi Mind Trick Monti

2. Grafted Monti Cap

3. Rainbow Monti

4. Sunset Monti

5. Superman Monti

6. Starburst Monti Cap

7. Mystic Monti

8. Red Hot Chili Pepper Monti

9. JF Snow Cap Monti

Frags will be 1″-1.5″ See the photo gallery for examples.

No more than 2 of one type. Comment with the selection at checkout.

Make sure to check out our Montipora Coral Care guide to learn more about how to keep your montipora coral happy in your tank.

This is a cut to order item. We typically have healthy frags that are ready to be shipped. However, if we do not currently have a frag available we will contact you and let you know. If we do need to cut a frag for you, please be aware that we will need to allow the frag to heal for at least a week before shipment.

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