Sunnyside Coral’s Shipping Policy

Within 24 hours of ordering your corals we will contact you to set up a date that works to ship it to you. We ship out all corals on Tuesdays and Wednesdays every week. If you need us to ship on a different day, please leave us a note and we will contact you to set up a new day.

We will send you via email, your UPS tracking number once your package has been shipped. We require that you are home and able to receive the corals at least within 2 hours of delivery. Dead On Arrival (DOA) rules apply to all shipments. If your coral arrives dead, you must send a picture to us at or text us at (801)-300-1228 within 4 hours of the arrival time. If your corals arrive dead and you comply with our DOA rules, we will give you coral credit for one year on our website for the amount of the coral. 

We do not require a signature on any of our deliveries but we do highly recommend being present when your delivery is supposed to arrive. This way you can increase the likelihood of survival.

All orders over $300 will receive free shipping anywhere in the United States (excluding states outside the continental United States). All orders less than $300 will be charged a flat rate of $47.99 for shipping (not including Hawaii). We do ship to Hawaii but do not guarantee any of our shipments going there.

Orders can be held for a maximum of two weeks upon request.

We desire to help every shipment go smoothly and successfully every time. To achieve this, we try to be as open as possible with our communication. If something does not work for you or something goes wrong, please contact us immediately. The longer you wait the less there is we can do to correct the situation. Thank you for trusting us with your purchase and we hope to deliver the highest quality of service and coral every time.

How We Ship Our Coral

Every coral is packaged and handled with care to ensure that your coral arrives healthy. Every coral is placed securely inside of a small cup to ensure that the coral does not rub against the sides of the bag or get damaged. We then place the coral with the cup inside of a 3 mil poly bag filled with the correct amount of water for each coral. We then seal the bag with an Impulse Sealer to ensure that the bag is sealed airtight. This bag is then placed inside of a 1 mil poly bag to ensure that there is no loss of water if the first bag was to leak. 

Zoanthids may be packaged using a specimen cup instead of a 3 mil poly bag. This cup is then placed inside of a 1 mil poly bag and sealed closed to ensure that there is no loss of water if the specimen cup gets damaged during shipping.

After each bag and cup is labeled, they are placed into a 1” insulated shipping container to protect the corals from excess heat or cold. Depending on the temperature of the shipping location, we put a heat pack into the container to ensure the optimal temperature for the survival of the corals.

All our packages are shipped UPS Next Day Air to ensure that the corals arrive at your doorstep the following morning. Each package contains a coral acclimation card with our information on it.


Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns.