Sunnyside Corals Coral Auctions Rules and Guidelines

Our coral auctions end every Saturday evening. All auction items are WYSIWYG. To place a bid you need to be logged in. My Account. If it is your first time bidding and you want to learn how to get started, please watch our coral auction tutorial.

  • All auctions must be paid for within 24 hours or we will re-list your auction items.

  • All orders with auction winnings will be shipped out Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday the following week.

  • SINGLE orders over $300 including auction items DO qualify for free shipping. You CANNOT combine multiple orders to get free shipping.

Proxy Bidding

  •  When you go to bid on an item, enter the max amount that you are comfortable bidding. Our system will then auto-adjust your current bid to be the current highest every time someone outbids you until bids pass the max amount that you entered. (bids go up in increments of $3.00)

Paying For Coral Auctions

  • If you win an auction you must purchase the item within 24 hours. ( this includes locals) 
  • After 24 hours we will then offer the coral to the next highest bidder.
  • Non-payment of winning items ruins the experience for everyone and will result in the removal of your bidding ability
  • You can view the corals you won in your My Account. You can add items to your cart by clicking on “pay now” on the item. You can also do this via the auto-generated emails you will receive when you win. 

Combining Orders and Shipping

  • You can combine multiple winnings to one order, as well as add any other corals/products before checkout. This helps maximize shipping and makes for easy checkout. 
  • All items must still be paid for within 24 hours and free shipping over $300 does not apply to separate orders. However, FREE shipping over $300 DOES apply to auction items in a single order! So bid away or combine with any WYSIWYG or cut to order corals and save on shipping. Only $49.99 flat rate shipping for orders under $300. Free local pick-up is available for auction winnings, but items must be paid for in advance.
  • All auction winnings will be shipped out Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday of the following week.


  • Auctions are always excluded from sales.

**Auctions start every Monday and close Saturdays. If there are no products showing, please check back on Monday.**

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