Sunnyside Corals boasts one of the largest selections of cut to order corals online. One of the perks of having all aquacultured corals is that we almost always have a colony growing out of every type of coral that we sell. For those that are unfamiliar with cut to order, it means that instead of receiving a “what you see is what you get” frag that we have posted a picture of, you receive a frag that we choose for you. (often times we send our nicest frags via cut to order). Typically we have frags ready to go of each coral but occasionally we have to cut a new frag just for you. If we do need to cut a frag, please be aware we do require at least a week for the corals to heal before shipping.

If you want a larger frag of something, please purchase multiple quantities of that coral and let us know you just want a larger frag. We will then send you a frag that is the original size times your quantity purchased. (polyp count, size, head count)

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