Black Widow Anemone – Cut To Order


These aquacultured anemones are approx 3″-4″ when fully opened. Price is for each individual anemone.

Lighting Requirements: Medium

Flow Requirements: Low – Medium

Make sure to check out our Soft Coral Care guide to learn more about how to keep your soft coral happy in your tank.

Before You Buy

Anemones like to move around until they find somewhere they are happy. Unfortunately, they can sting other corals that are too close to them. This can cause issues if they choose to call their home right next to one of your other corals. You can mitigate that risk by placing your Black Widow Anemone in a spot with low flow and medium light. Anemones typically like having a little nook to which they can attach their foot. You can place your Anem inside of a basket at the top of your tank which will keep it from moving too much. There is speculation that Anemones can give off toxins and kill off other types of Anemones. We suggest only having one type of Anemone in each system just to mitigate the risk of this happening.

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