Jawbreaker Mushroom – Cut To Order


The photo is a representation of the Jawbreaker Mushroom coral you will receive.

Frags are approx 1″

Lighting Requirements: Medium

Flow Requirements: Low

Make sure to check out our Mushroom Coral Care guide to learn more about how to keep your mushrooms happy in your tank.

This is a cut to order item. We typically have healthy frags that are ready to be shipped. However, if we do not currently have a frag available we will contact you and let you know. If we do need to cut a frag for you, please be aware that we will need to allow the frag to heal for at least a week before shipment. 


The Jawbreaker Mushroom got its name for a reason. As the mushroom grows, it takes on rich red streaks, and sometimes if you are lucky you may get some nice green veins going throughout your mushroom as well. The “Mother” mushroom that we have has really nice red coloration as well as some green going through it, meaning that most of the babies will most likely get that nice green throughout as well as they start to grow and color up.

Before You Buy

Mushrooms are a great coral to start out with. The Jawbreaker Mushroom may not be perfect as a first coral but as your tank matures a little bit, this coral will most likely be a great option for you. Just remember that mushrooms don’t always stay put in your tank! The key is to get them to attach to a little bit of rubble at first and then set them in a low flow and medium-light section of your tank. If you are having a hard time getting them to stick, you can try putting the mushroom inside of a cup or small basket with rubble inside of it to protect the mushroom from any flow for that first little bit. For more information on mushrooms make sure you check out our mushroom information page.

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