RR The Vinh Acropora – Cut To Order


The photo is a representation of the coral you will receive.

Frags are approx 1″

Lighting Requirements: High

Flow Requirements: High

Make sure to check out our Acropora Coral Care guide to learn more about how to keep your acros happy in your tank.

This is a cut to order item. We typically have healthy frags that are ready to be shipped. However, if we do not currently have a frag available we will contact you and let you know. If we do need to cut a frag for you, please be aware that we will need to allow the frag to heal for at least a week before shipment. 


RR The Vinh Acropora is a classic. Known for its rich green and purple polyps you are going to love the way this Acropora looks in your tank. We have had our RR The Vinh in our system for over 5 years! While it has gone through a few cycles it has always been a good grower and fairly hardy coral for us. It grows in a somewhat tight branching pattern that creates a unique look and structure to your tank.

Before You Buy

Acropora can be very hard to keep happy, especially when starting out. The RR The Vinh is a stunning coral but might not be the best pick for someone without much experience keeping Acropora. Our RR The Vinh has done best when it has had slightly lower light than our other acros but is still in a position to receive healthy amounts of flow. We suggest starting it down a little lower and monitoring how it colors up as you move it up in your tank. This is a great coral to place at the edge of your rock to create a natural shade for the corals below.

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